Mind the Gap

How do you turn sounds and music into images and architecture, and then back to the music again?

One way is to take people with varying backgrounds and selected special expertise in sound, music, film, art, and technology, and lock them in for three days and get them to ‘hack’ a prototype. That is what MIND the gap is all about – a hackathon focusing on the relationship between the visual and aural and how we can get from one to the other.

A hackathon is based on a number of participants together concentrates on a theme for a short intense period, to solve the problem and create something tangible.

The driving force behind the “Mind the Gap” is Peter Lång from Scen3 and Mark Lowery from Tambourine Studios in Malmö. Peter participated in a hackathon at CERN which was organized in collaboration with the Tribeca Film Institute, New York. He was inspired by the format and decided to invite some of the sharp minds he met to resolve the question of how to create the form of sound.

MIND the Gap was kindly supported by


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