Scen3 develops original productions, film and music for digital platforms and the stage. Since 2008 our Nordic network has worked together to explore the relationship and intersection of art, science and technology. In doing so, we have become experienced in emerging fields and practices of communication, creative production and distribution. Together with institutions, mentors and companies we make sense of digital expression.

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I founded Scen3 on the belief that innovatory technology is generating opportunities for forward looking artistic expression. To truly reach new expressions we need to learn to consider the digital tools and skills as part of the creative process itself, without loosing the general knowledge and craftmanship of the past. We also need to undestand the void between art and code.

Experience from years past has taught me, that technology doesn’t make artistic expression easier, it makes it harder. But this is the challenge that has inspired me for many years. It forces me to reinterpret my classical education in the light of cutting edge technologies. My aim is to create new music and art from this palette of opportunities, and together with the exceptional Scen3 collaborators, initiate projects that can grow into different forms of new, engaging expressions.

Peter Lång
art.dir. Scen3

Butterfly photo: By Didier Descouens – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,