Magnotion wins first prize

The science and art project Magnotion received first prize in the Swedish national competition for science communication, arranged by Sweden’s largest public and private science funders.

The award was presented at the Forum for Science Communication, Gothenburg March 2021.

Magnotion is now available online at

Please visit and enjoy The Journey, The Exhibition and The Making of Magnotion.

The jury’s motivation:

“Magnotion surprises with research communication in luxury packaging. They link research on a small moth’s navigational skills to music, poetry, jewelry and perfume – the scent of science. It is innovative, original and boundary pushing and shows that only the imagination sets the limits for how research can be communicated. ”

Watch the film at
Magnotion – Orientation by Magnetism is result of the collaboration between Eric Warrant, professor at Lund University, and Peter Lång, artistic director of Purple White.


Proud to team up with professor Eric Warrant and Lund Vision Group in ERC public outreach project Magnotion. The Bogong moth, here in a beautiful illustration by artist Jutta Falkengren, has the ability to use earth’s magnetic field for orientation.

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